wound, contusion or internal tissue tear, will naturally develop scar tissue & adhesions. Over time it can become sensitive, dense & lead to pulling pain. The nervous system responds by staying in a high alert, 'fight or flight' stress mode. As if that weren't enough, one may even begin to notice conditions such as head, neck or backaches, organ or joint pains, possibly even obstructions. In a majority of cases, these issues can be traced back to the fascial pulling caused by those untreated scars & adhesions. Scar Tissue Release Therapy changes this by softening scars & adhesions quickly! Cells strengthen, nerve & fluid movement in those areas increase, and pulling pain decreases or stops. Greater elasticity is experienced while scar appearance smoothes out. The age of a scar or adhesion doesn't matter, same results are possible and lasting! This is a time-tested, uniquely developed approach which uses FDA approved microcurrent medical devices & Myofascial Release techniques. Gentle, safe & highly effective.

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Perfect For: Cesarean Scars, All Surgical Scars, Puncture or Skin Graft Scars, Burn, Radiation 

& Amputation Scars, Hematoma or Contusion adhesions & more.