Pain-free MPS Dolphin Neurostim (FDA Medical Approved Medical Device), Healy Frequency Skin Programs (FDA Cleared Medical Device) + Myofascial Manipulation, greatly softens scar density, improves appearance, movement, reduces/eliminates painful pulling, lymph build-up & more! Texture improves quickly and cells are nourished.

During your session, Essential Oils are included to improve emotional well being. After treatment clients feel positive changes in their scars with a deeper sense of calm.

This comprehensive treatment supports the body as a whole, physically, mentally & emotionally.

It just doesn't get any better!

Perfect for: Cesarean Scars, All Surgical Scars, Puncture or Skin Graft Scars, Adhesions (Internal Scars), Burn, Radiation

& Amputation Scars, Hematomas & more.