Free First Time Consultation (20 minutes): A good time to air questions regarding treatment, briefly discuss your conditions and get an idea of how your scars will be addressed. 
Each Scar Release Session uses MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation), Fascia Manipulation, Healy Frequencies & Essential Oils (EO's). MPS does two things;
1. Softens scar tissue,
2. Calms the nervous system via acupuncture points (needle-free).  
*Healy bathes your body with harmonizing frequencies specific to scar release trauma while MPS & careful Therapeutic Fascia Massage is applied. EO's are part of the mix to bring about the most effective, trauma reduced, pain-free treatment I've ever created. Texture improves quickly. Scars soften, circulation increases, cells are nourished, benefits are system-wide and lasting! This is a very comprehensive 90 minute treatment. Clients are amazed by how they feel afterwards.
Please Note: While MPS softens scarred areas it also reveals deeper, widespread adhesions beneath the surface. Our first session will determine if subsequent sessions will be beneficial to continue your progress.
*Learn more about Healy here
90 Minutes = $160

Theres a 24 hour Cancellation Policy or a 50% charge will be incurred

*Forms of Payment: Cash or Personal Check only*

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