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Through the skillful use of pain-free microcurrent (MPS Dolphin Neurostim, FDA Approved Medical Device), Healy microcurrent to calm & rebalance the nervous system (FDA Cleared Medical Device), and Myofascial Release Techniques to gently stretch & integrate treated tissues. The results speak for themselves and can be felt after just one session. Scar density softens quickly, appearance improves, movement increases, painful pulling is diminished or eliminated & lymph build-up smoothes out. Symbiotically, the nervous system returns to a more normal, down-regulated state. Post treatment clients feel positive changes with a deeper sense of calm. Results are lasting. 

Cesarean Scars, All Surgical Scars, Puncture or Skin Graft Scars, Burn, Radiation 

& Amputation Scars, Hematoma or Contusion adhesions & more.

     My unique yet highly effective approach was developed over decades of therapeutic bodywork study, practice and       inclusion of microcurrent technology.

Interest and research on the effectiveness of microcurrent in relation to scars & adhesions is growing. There are now several peer reviewed PubMed NIH studies outlining its significant benefits & positive results.

Free First Time Consultation (20 minutes): A good time to air questions regarding treatment, briefly discuss your conditions and get an idea of how your scars will be addressed.
Please note: Each comprehensive treatment is 90 minutes in duration. Your first session will run 15 or 20 minutes longer due to intake. After intake, you receive the Full 90 minute Scar Tissue Release Therapy treatment, so plan accordingly. Another thing to keep in mind: Often when surface scars are softened during the course of a session, adhesions below become more apparent. Our first session will determine if subsequent sessions would be beneficial for your continued progress. 
 First Session: Includes Intake plus your
FULL 90 minute session = $185
Subsequent Sessions: 90 Minutes = $175
To ensure your safety within my office and waiting room, click here to learn more.
Theres a 24 hour Cancellation Policy or a 50% charge will be incurred.
Forms of Payment: Cash or Personal Check only*
Myofascial/Neuromuscular Massage
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