Why Do Scars Matter?

They effect movement, organ function, nerves, create pain, pulling & area-wide discomforts. A simple surface line can actually be a wide web of tissue underneath, wrapping around organs, joints, ligaments, nerves, bones, to become quite dense. Since the body’s fascia system is interconnected, a scar or adhesion
in one area will often affect other areas, resulting in compensation patterns, and
an upregulated Sympathetic nervous system (where all disease starts). 

What Is MPS?

Its an FDA approved medical device. MPS emits microcurrent. A very low (lower than a TENS unit), gentle frequency that encourages the scar tissue to soften. Cells are nourished, circulation improves, tissues relax, nerves fire more effectively & function increases. Within the first session, pain can be reduced 60% to 80% and change in scar texture felt. Therapeutic Fascia Massage, 'Needle-Free' acupuncture, and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (EO) are included to create the most effective method for system-wide, lasting results, carefully and painlessly! 

Are There Side Effects?

There are no adverse side effects regarding MPS, but you are encouraged to drink extra amounts of water after a treatment. Microcurrent is safe around surgical mesh, plates, screws or any other installed hardware in the body.
*Please note: MPS cannot be used in moist areas such as in the mouth or eyes.*
MPS has proven to be very safe with regards persons who have Pacemakers. To be double assured (a personal request) I do ask clients with Pacemakers to get approval from their Medical Provider.  Your physicians approval allows me to feel extra assured.

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