"Ananda's scar session was an answer to my prayers....been suffering for years from a surgical scar that didn't properly heal and led to all sorts of nerve complications. The MPS Dolphin device works its magic, opens up the channels, then she massaged my body at a neuro-muscular, fascial, visceral level. A rare and supreme combination. Gentle yet massive shift to my scar and physical holdings. A..world-class treatment." 

~Michael Margolis, CEO at Get Storied

 ~E.C., Business Consultant

"When I was 6 in 1966, I was burned in a fire. The grafts cover my back and go down my arms. Over the years they had hardened and tightened without me realizing. Ananda has been treating me with MPS Scar Tissue Release Therapy, allowing me to stretch better. The skin is so much softer and more pliable. This has really helped me to feel much better! Thank you!"


"I received 3 sessions of MPS Scar Tissue Release Therapy from Ananda, treating a 30 year Appendectomy Scar, a 25 year Tubeligation Scar, and an inner groin 20 year yoga injury scar. Following the initial treatment, I felt more grounded, and clear headed. Now 2 weeks later, the lower back and spinal pain is gone, and I’m able to participate in yoga classes without over stressing the lower right side of my body, something not possible till recently!

Thank you so much Ananda."

~Osnat Tara, Arunachala, India

~K.E., former Consultant

"I gave birth to a beautiful girl 30 years ago. It was a very long intense labor and in the end an emergency cesarean section was performed. The incision reached from hip to hip. My doctor told me to expect “phantom” pain to last at least six months to a year.

My “phantom” pains did become less frequent but I have continued to get them over the years. I also noticed how tight my hip joints were, restricting movements more and more so even planks and sitting cross-legged were no longer possible. I was blessed with a beautiful daughter and I had resigned myself that this pain and discomfort were something to accept and live with in exchange for her life. My daughter, found Ananda’s card and looked her up. I am so glad she did. Over the course of a few treatments, I feel remarkably better and have had no pain associated with my scar since. I am able to stretch and move without the catching I used to experience. I feel like my incision has finally healed."


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